04 July 2009


  1. How to Turn Your Child's Attitude in One Minute or Less program
  2. The deluge of Made in China U.S. flags swamping our neighborhood lawns
  3. The man occupying my usual booth and thwarting my power cord usage, who talks and laughs like the Penguin from Batman
  4. A coffee shop with advertised FREE WIFI but a total of two electrical outlets
  5. THIS SONG, which Philadelphia has been over for months, but Erie thinks is just the coolest
  6. And THIS SONG
  7. In sum, pop radio
  8. Seeing your HS basketball coach, whom you got fired, at the same nightlife spot as you
  9. Writer’s reluctance, not just block
  10. The Tom Ridge Environmental Center, which used to be a Drive In, and could have brought many more dollars to Erie if it had just stayed one
  11. Potholes
  12. Road construction to fix them
  13. Decelerating metabolism
  14. Accelerating languor
  15. Reader's reluctance, despite just ordering a super blog-worthy book: Why I am Not a Scientist: Anthropology and Modern Knowledge by Jonathan Marks